Little Anvil Studios

Little Anvil Studios -Misa Gelin. My work takes me on weekend picnics, driving our van around the country side seeking view scapes to capture and cheeses to eat.Winding road one after the next finding the magic I want to recreate on canvas.I also pay reference to past places, hikes from my memories. All these collections from within make up the marks from my brushes a secret visual language laid bare and often humorous on lucky days with a curly dog for company.I like to use a bush until there are practically no bristles left. I paint hard but I brush softly.Paint strokes and patterns intuitively ebb and flow until it’s time to put the brush down feed the family, sleep and get up and do it again. The happy harmonious rhythm of a painters life. My surroundings of trees, mountains and dog make up the majority of my paintings mixed in with the rich colours of life .

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