I’m going home


‘I'm going home’

The rolling hills ,my painted surrounds.
Acrylic and oil stick on gallery canvas.
94.5 x 94.5 cm
Box framed.
Painted by Misa Gelin

This captivating painting portrays rolling hills adorned with patchwork-like paddocks, reminiscent of a quilted blanket spread across the landscape. Each patch represents a distinct paddock, creating a mosaic of vibrant colors and textures that weave seamlessly into the terrain. The artist’s use of rich texture and painted patterns infuses the scene with depth and character, inviting viewers to explore the intricate details of the countryside. Shades of purple, green, and yellow dominate the palette, evoking a sense of lushness and vitality. As sunlight dances across the undulating hills, shadows play upon the textured surfaces, adding dimension and movement to the picturesque setting. This artwork transports viewers to a serene pastoral realm, where the beauty of nature and the artist’s imagination converge in harmonious splendor.
Contemporary landscape.