Fully wormed and neutered,
61 x 61 cm
Acrylic and oil stick on canvas
Abstract dog
Painted by MISA Gelin

In this painting titled “Fergus,” a brown dog shines through with whimsy and humor. Fergus is not just any ordinary pup; he’s a character, brimming with mischief and charm. With a twinkle in his eye and a playful grin on his face, Fergus captures the hearts of all who encounter him.

Against an abstract background in pristine white, Fergus stands out as the focal point of the composition, his mischievous energy radiating from the canvas. The simplicity of the backdrop allows Fergus to take center stage, his playful antics stealing the spotlight.

Despite his mischievous nature, Fergus remains a loyal friend to the end, his unwavering devotion evident in every wag of his tail and tilt of his head. His endearing quirks and boundless energy make him a joy to be around, bringing laughter and light to those fortunate enough to know him.